Best Free Video Player for Windows 8

GOM Player

GOM player is the best video player for Windows XP-8. I have been using GOM since 2007.

It can play most video and audio file types, and if it can’t Gom looks online to see if there is a codec which can be used to play the media file with.

The video and audio is very clear, and does not have any static when I play them on my PC . With Windows 8, files played with GOM play even faster because Windows 8 is a smooth running operating system.

GOM also does not slow down my PC when playing video since it uses very little RAM and CPU power when it is running.

The user interface in GOM is also very easy to use since all the media playback buttons like Play, stop, open, and more are on the GOM home screen window.

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Windows 8 randomly wakes up from sleep and hibernate

I notice with my older computer that Windows 8 randomly turns on from hibernate, but I fixed it by disabling “Allow device to wake computer” in my keyboard settings in Device Manager’s keyboard power management tab.

I also disabled all my schedule tasks in Task Scheduler as well to make sure there are no scheduled events which can wake up my computer from sleep and hibernate.

In the past with Windows 7, I had to reinstall my antivirus which was AVG by uninstalling and reinstalling it which fix the problem of Windows randomly turning on my computer when hibernated.

Now Windows 8 does not wake up from sleep when I hibernate or sleep Windows 8 which is good since my PC is not wasting power by being on.

Get more help with Windows 8 by reading Windows 8 For Dummies

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Windows 8 Hibernate option makes Windows start up faster during start-up

Windows 8 Hibernation makes Windows 8 start up in under1/2 minute, or a few seconds if you have a newer computer with newer hardware like motherboard, drives, CPU, and video card which is optimized for Windows 8.

Hibernate saves your open programs and apps which you have open before you hibernate, so when you turn on your computer to un-hibernate it, your desktop will be the same before you hibernated your computer which means your open programs will still be open after you un-hibernated your PC.

Another Advanatage of hibernation is power savings because hibernation turns off your computer after it is done saving the programs and files in your RAM/Memory to your Windows storage drive. Even if there is a power outage while your PC is off, you won’t lose your work because it is saved to your hibernation file in Windows. You can also unplug your PC or laptop from the wall to prevent vampire power from sucking power from the wall from your laptop or desktop power adapter.

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Make Windows 8 look like Windows 7 with Classic Shell and other tips on making Windows easier to use.

Startmenu Classic Shell

Windows 8 has a desktop mode, but it does not have a startmenu. But, with a program called Classic Shell which is free it can bring back the Windows 7 start menu to Windows 8. Classic shell can also make Windows start from the Windows classic desktop mode instead of the new modern touch screen user interface.

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Medialink 802.11N 150 Mbps wireless router is an affordable, reliable, and simple wireless router

If you are looking for a fast, simple to use, and reliable wireless router, I highly recommend the Medialink Wireless 802.11N 150 Mbps wireless Router . After using it for a month, it has been fast enough for me to stream HD video from without any slowdown and buffering problems.  I also never need to restart the router after a month of owning it. The wireless signal also reached 3 floors up from where the wireless router is installed  on.

The 4 port wired networking ports are also very fast when connected to my cable internet.

The black shiny and curvy case with blue indicator lights in the front also looks very cool.

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News Reader Apps Brings the best internet news to your Smartphone/Tablet

News Reader apps like Google Currents and Reader, Flipboard, Pulse News, and Taptu are the best ways to read news from the internet easily, quickly, and comfortably.

News reader apps work by downloading a website or blogs RSS News Feed to display on an app, or website like .

One of the main reasons that I use News Reader apps to read the news on my tablet is because they are easy to install, and set up my account and subscriptions. All I need to do is search Google Play for a news reader app like Flipboard, and install it. Next, I make an account to sync my subscriptions to other phones, and tablets which I own, so I don’t need to re-subscribe to everything again when I buy a new tablet.

Reading the news on a news reader app is quick because I just need to launch the news reader app, and it automatically checks for new posts, and downloads them, so I can read my subscriptions offline when I am not connected to the internet. It is also easy to change pages or articles by swiping my finger to the left or right to change the page or to a new article. Changing news subscriptions is easy. I just hit the back or menu button, and the App will bring me back to the main subscription page where I just tap on the subscription I want to read.

Most importantly, reading the news on apps like Flipboard, Pulse, and Google Reader or Currents is very comfortable on a smaller screen found on tablets and smartphones. The font size is larger, and you can easily adjust the size of the font with an onscreen button, or in the settings. Some news reader apps even let you change the font style from san serif and serif fonts. There are also dark themes for reading in low light conditions in some apps like Pulse, Taptu, Feedly, and more. With news reader apps, you just download the article title, article text, and images, and don’t download the websites sidebar, ads, flash animation, social networking share buttons like Facebook like, Twitter Tweet, and Stumbleupon buttons, so you can use almost the full screen space of your tablet or phone for reading instead of having website menu, the browser address bar, and other objects distract you from your reading.

A News Reader App is by far the best way to read a blog’s articles, and find current articles from a blog to read on a mobile phone or tablet compared to a mobile web browser which may not display the mobile version of the website, or the website is not mobile ready. Even mobile ready websites have poor support for offline content, and mobile navigation because very few mobile sites can switch to the next article with just a swipe of the finger to the left or right of the screen like apps like Google Reader for Android, Flipboard, or Pulse News.

News Reader Apps are here to stay because Flipboard and Pulse News both have over 10 million downloads on Google’s Play Marketplace, and Google Reader is one of the most popular services which is used by news hobbyist who enjoy reading news on a daily basis.

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Using a Smartphone or Tablet to login to your Wireless router to change settings for better performance and reliability

Most Smartphones, and Tablets can connect to your wireless router by Wi-Fi, and you can log into your router with your mobile web browser like the default web browser for Android, Google Chrome for iOS and Android, Safari for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, or Internet Explorer for Windows Phone.

When your Smartphone or Tablet is connected to your router, open your web browser and type in your router’s I.P. address which you can find in your wireless router’s manual. For some Trendnet router the I.P. address is . Type in your router’s username and password which is usually admin for username, and admin for password. You can usually find the default username and password in your routers instruction manual. In the control panel for your router you can change the channel, antennae strength, restart your router, and change other settings which could make your router more reliable, and faster.

Changing the channel for your router’s wireless signal can make your wi-fi signal disconnect less, and have better performance. Restarting your router can fix problems with your laptop, and other devices not being able to connect, and restarting your router can make disconnection problems less common in my experience.

You can also bookmark your router’s I.P. address on your web browser, and add a shortcut to your router in your smartphone or tablet’s homescreen/desktop for easy access to your router’s control panel by clicking on a shortcut on your homescreen which will launch your web browser, and open your web browser’s control panel at or another address.

Some Router’s may have apps for Android, and iOS to let you use an App to login to your wireless router which is designed for touchscreens, and low resolution screens found on most Tablets, and Smartphones.

Cisco Connect Express let you add new devices to your Cisco/Linksys E-series, X-Series or Valet home router. You can also use the app to restart your router, change settings, see what devices are connecter, and update the firmware on your router to the latest version.

I recommend using an App to login to your router instead of your web browser on a Tablet or smartphone because it is more convenient, and using the control panel on your router is harder to use on a touchscreen device because the user interface is designed for a desktop or laptop with a bigger screen, and keyboard and mouse input.

A Wi-Fi Analyzer App is useful for suggesting what wireless channel is best to use to improve your wi-fi speed and reliability, and could help you out on where to put your router, or wi-fi booster/access point for better signal strength. It is also useful for showing which is the best open network to connect to when you are in a public place.

A WiFi Connection Manager App makes it easy for you to connect to wireless signals by clicking on your homescreen to launch the Wi-Fi connection app to see which Wi-Fi signal is the strongest, and what channel it is on. It also makes it easy for you to connect and disconnect to a wireless signal, and connect to another wireless signal.

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